We inspire
emotion & action through
brand-focused design.

We are a brand strategy & design agency in Thunder Bay, Ontario.

We love introducing business to creativity.

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Branding forward.

To us, your brand is a platform on which to build new experiences, inspire
new ideas, and guide communication.

Different by design.

We feel very strongly that design has the power to shift the success of your business. However, our definition is more than a pretty picture.

Design is about crafting a unique approach to the way your business operates and communicates.

Good design gets people talking.

Business and
creativity should
hang out more.

Communication that engages its audience is about the right strategy executed in a
unique way.

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Brand Strategy
Identity Design
Creative Advertising
Web Design
Print Design
Promotional Design
Looking good in suits
Lion taming
Drinking coffee

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Blending in

Stuff we're thinkin' about

We've moved: Bigger space for a bigger team

Actually at the time of this post, we are still in the process of moving so I'll keep it short and sweet. We used to be located at 107 Cumberland St. N but now we're located at 40 Cumberland S. inside of a larger studio with some great character. It'll be a awesome space for our growing team to get creative in and build new and exciting ideas. We'll toss some pictures up once it doesn't look like Read on...

Happy "Think New" Year

As you may have heard, a common tradition to kick-start the new year is to come up with resolutions to improve as individuals or even as a business.  "What should we do differently in 2012?" To us, the answer is quite simple: "Everything". We don't mean it in the sense that 2011 was a disaster, get back to the drawing board. We're suggesting a way of thinking. We feel that approaching each new Read on...

Business meets creativity

We thought we'd share a little bedtime story we like to read to our clients so here it is. Enjoy!    There once was a business invisible to all.    Despite it's great products, this business stayed small.   New logo, pricey ads, and social networking, Everything it tried, it just wasn't working.   Just when it was over and business was through, A voice from Read on...

Welcome to our new site!

For those of you who haven't heard of us, we're happy you've come to check us out and hope you have fun exploring our home on the web. For those who have heard of us, you'll notice the changes. Not only with the site but with our team. For a company who hasn't been around very long we have definitely had a lot going on, so it's great to have a space to share it all. We think we've arrived at a point Read on...

Brand. What is it?

No matter the type or size of business, developing a strong brand is just good business strategy. Picture this: you’re planning 2 weeks off in an exotic vacation paradise. You check out the glossy brochures, the rooms look fabulous, your mouth drips from the pictures of the glorious buffet spread, and look, there are just so many activities you can do. Great, book it. You arrive at your Read on...

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